Robert and Kasha Hussey

Larry Barnes, our Buyer Representative, was a Godsend!

Our relationship began when my husband and I had the vague idea of moving closer to work and we decided to do more than simply look at the MSL online. The first property we called on was listed by Larry Barnes through Cromwell Coastal Properties. He patiently listened while we struggled to define our goals. He never pushed and made us feel that we could count on him to meet us, with specs in hand, to view as many properties as it took for us to find the perfect fit.

We began to feel more confident when we understood that we would not have to sail through uncharted waters alone. Larry was serious when he said that he would work with us. With pen in hand, we weighed out the pros and cons, redefined our needs, kept looking online and called Larry. He met with us and walked more properties.

Then came the day that we found what appeared to be the perfect fit. We were excited and jumped the gun calling the listing agent. She emailed the tax map and told us that we could feel free to walk it on our own. (Larry was booked until the next day). The property was exactly what we were looking for!

Larry looked at the listing and did a bit of research. He went to check it out and gave us a call. Not only did the listing agent not bother driving to show the property, but she had placed the “For Sale” sign at the wrong address and posted pictures, incorrectly, of the same! We had just spent the day walking land that was not on the market, making dreams all the while! Kasha cried.

After Larry called the listing agent, graciously letting her know of her mistake, he met us to walk the correct property. Thankfully, it was not a disappointment. We began to dream again.

Larry explained the role of a Buyer Representative in depth. The real work was ahead and we were already beginning to understand the need. We gladly signed the agreement to have Larry represent us.

He researched the original asking price and listing date, property taxes, Right of Way, searched for existing surveys, printed maps, researched land ordinances, then called oremailed explanations of each finding and texted the information to us complete with all the attachments. He began working on a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) – recent sold properties similar in type and close in proximity to the property that we were looking into. Things were shaping up and looking doable.

We met to discuss what steps we needed to take to proceed – securing fmancing, obtaining an attorney to complete a title search and obtain title insurance, and that we take time to think about a first bid using the information that he had provided (the CMA). Now we had all the information necessary to make an educated first bid. He was confident that we would be able to work out an excellent agreement. We applied for financing with the loan officer at our local bank and within a few days Larry was ready to meet with us to submit the bid. Over the next few days we negotiated with the seller’s. Things were really getting exciting!

Relatively few details remained. Larry expertly dealt with the loose ends. He attended the closing and joined us for a celebration luncheon! Thank you Larry for a job well done!! We would recommend Larry Barnes for all of your Real Estate needs.

Robert and Kasha Hussey

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