Lucius M. Bennett

Dear Larry Barnes,

I am writing this letter/testimonial as a way of expressing our gratitude for all of your effort in the selling of our house.

When we began the journey of trying to sell our house, Laura and I brainstormed a lot of ideas about the ideal Agent and concluded that we wanted an Agent who was optimistic, experienced and willing to “seriously get involved” with the selling of our house. After our first meeting with Larry, we knew that we had hired the right Real Estate Agent! He was prompt, well prepared, keenly observant about our expectations, and with seasoned confidence responded honestly and sincerely to some pretty tough questions.

Afterwards, Larry explained to us the process of selling houses, talked of current market conditions, mapped out a strategy, focused on realistic expectations, bull’s-eyed our price range and eventually piloted us towards a closing date.

His personal demeanor was always courteous and professional while encompassed by a high level of integrity, responsibility and positive enthusiasm. And when it came time to “seriously get involved,” Larry strapped on his carpenter’s belt, climbed onto the top of our house and helped me shingle the roof (or should I say, I helped him shingle the roof). WOW! Go ahead! Find a Real Estate Agent who’s willing to do that. Good Luck!

From the beautiful Sotheby’s like “For Sale” sign in front of the house to weekly updates via e-mail or phone messages to a casual lunch under a summer sky, it has been a pleasure working with Larry Barnes. His neighbor-like attitude, his concern for managed conservation, his love of Falconry, and his public dedication to the betterment of humanity and the land on which we live, solidifies his place as a holistic and consummate Real Estate Agent as well as a good friend. Thank you again, Larry.

Lucius M. Bennett

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